Following on from similar news from Bing and Yahoo, Google has highlighted its Zeitgeist tools, with a look back at what's been big in 2009.

Globally, and Michael Jackson tops the "fastest rising" 2009 charts with Facebook and Spanish social networking site Tuenti close behind and Twitter sneaking in at fourth place.

Fastest Rising (Global)

   1. michael jackson
   2. facebook
   3. tuenti
   4. twitter
   5. sanalika
   6. new moon
   7. lady gaga
   8. windows 7
  10. torpedo gratis

As far as the UK market goes, Twitter is nowhere to be seen, but Facebook remains on the fastest rising list, joined by Spotify, Bing and the iPlayer.

"Britons had mixed feelings as they headed online this year to search for their favourite online tools, to learn about celebrities new and old, and to find a good bargain", says Google.  

"Facebook, eBay and Spotify all featured in the year's fastest rising searches. People searched to learn about new sensations like Lady Gaga and Susan Boyle, but they also turned to the web to learn about the deaths of Stephen Gately, Jade Goody, and Michael Jackson. Meanwhile, the recession ensured that bargain hunting was alive and well in the UK, with people searching for cheap holiday options in particular".

Fastest Rising - UK

   1. facebook
   2. jogos
   3. ebay uk
   4. yahoo mail
   5. hotmail
   6. bbc iplayer
   7. hi5
   8. stephen gately
   9. bing
  10. spotify

The overall most popular list for the UK remains pretty much unchanged from last year, apart from we'd have thought was the unnecessary entry of "Google" (it's in front of you!) at 8, which has pushed out 2008's "jobs".

Most Popular

   1. facebook
   2. bbc
   3. youtube
   4. hotmail
   5. games
   6. ebay
   7. news
   8. google
   9. yahoo
  10. bebo