Google has introduced a couple of small changes to how its communication platform Wave behaves, in response to public demand. After users complained that public waves were clogging up inboxes, Google has tweaked the functionality so that waves are now "followed", and it's possible to "unfollow" a wave.

The new "unfollow" option replaces the old "mute" one. A Wave that's been unfollowed, however, can still be found through a search or if you've put it in a folder or saved search. The waves don't disappear, so don't worry about losing one.

The language is straight out of rival communications platform Twitter, which allows users to "follow" and "unfollow" each other. It's interesting to see Google employ that language in what it's pushing as a totally new, built-from-the-ground-up, communications platform.

Intriguingly, Google ends its blog post saying: "We're also thinking of expanding the following concept to let you follow people, groups, and searches" - could Wave be about to become more of a full on Twitter competitor? We'll keep you posted.