It appears that a beta version of Google's Chrome browser will be appearing for Mac users in December. The browser is currently available on Windows, but Linux and Mac users have been left out in the cold by Google, with only alpha versions for company.

Intriguingly, though, it'll be Chrome 4.0 that arrives, rather than the current version - Chrome 3.0. Version 4.0 is currently available in beta on Windows, and includes Firefox-style extensions, as well as a bunch of other new functionality and a slight UI refresh.

Chrome is switching to a new version of its extensions, called "Browser Actions", but the functionality will initially be unavailable on the Mac platform - just accessible to Windows and Linux. In a mailing list post discussing the issue with developers, Nick Baum - a Chrome product manager - said:

"The earlier you switch, the more time you will have to polish your experience for our Beta launch in early December. We realize this means dropping Mac support for a couple of weeks, but we already have people working on that. If you prioritise the Windows and Linux versions, we'll bring you cross-platform parity as soon as we can!"

The addition of both extensions and multiplatform support should help increase uptake of the browser, which has seen great support in the tech community but not seen much in the way of mainstream adoption yet.