Remember those Facebook "gifts" that the social networking site used to push on you? They quietly disappeared in one of the various redesigns that have taken place on the site over the last year or so, but it looks like they're coming back.

The New York Times is reporting that companies will soon be able to add their own virtual items to the gift shop. Companies like American Greetings, SomeeCards and JibJab are already signed up, and LaLa will apparently be joining them according to a source quoted by the paper.

Once you buy a song you'll be able to embed it on a person's Facebook profile and then play it forever. For a dollar, the recipient gets the ability to download a track too - though it's not clear yet what format or audio quality the downloaded file will be in.

It's also not clear whether this will be limited to the United States or rolled out across the whole world. We'd guess the former for now, but if we hear anything different we'll update this post.