As well as upside-down English and pirate, Facebook is now available in the mother of all romance tongues, Latin.

In a blog post, the social networking site says: "Most of the time when we stumble upon a Latin phrase, it's etched in stone: carved in the hallways of universities, chiselled on facades of government buildings or carefully imprinted in cathedral foyers and churchyards. The language seems almost immovable. Yet beginning today, Latin - the staid and reliable language - springs to life on Facebook".

Now users can select to answer "quid cogitas?", rather than "what's on your mind?", keep their charta up to date and, of course, connect with their amici.

Azeri, Faroese, Georgian and Nepali also join the 70 plus languages that Facebook is available in.

Those who want to change their account settings to see the site displayed in the dead language need to go to Facebook's language drop-down menu and select it there.