Cheeky Star Trek director JJ Abrams has snuck an intergalactic reference of intergalactic proportions into the latest Star Trek it seems.

Everyone's favourite feisty droid, R2-D2 is supposedly pulling a Where's Wally moment and according to Paramount, the makers, has turned up as an extra somewhere in the 2009 version of the film.

No doubt bending the time space continuum and ducking through a worm hole, your task, says Paramount, is to find him and then email them to be in with a chance of winning a prop from the film.

Although only open to US citizens (who wants a film prop anyway?) and only open for the next 5 days, the studio is presumably expecting fans to keep heading back to the cinema over and over again, which could prove expensive. Either that, or they are recommending die-hard fans (not of the Bruce Willis movie) grab themselves a pirate copy to analyse with a tri-corder.

Can you find R2-D2?