The makers behind Seesmic Desktop, the Twitter software that replaced Twirl, have announced that the software will now allow you to track Facebook as well as Twitter as it moves to become your social networking hub.

The new version, available to download from the Seesmic Desktop site, integrates Facebook into the mix following the new full Open Stream API offering from the social networking site.

Users opting for the Adobe Air powered application will be able to see what's happening on their Facebook homepage without having to visit Facebook, by either having a separate column or a combined column, with Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets appearing as they happen.

On the Twitter side, users will now be able to follow and unfollow, add "Favorite" tweets, "Like" Facebook posts and clear the timeline from a "USERLIST" with the "CLEAR" button.

Seesmic Desktop has also confirmed that there are of course a number of bugs that also get a fix.