Facebook's most recent changes are proving unpopular with users.

The site recently reworked its user's homepages in order to make the site more "real-time", said by some to be in an effort to counter Twitter's meteoric popularity rise.

Although Facebook users appear generally not to like change - there were protests the last time the social networking site had a major update - this time round the figures are overwhelming.

Facebook is running an official poll that lets users vote on the new layout to either give it a thumbs up, or a thumbs down.

A serious majority of those that have taken the time to vote are showing dislike for the new layout with a whopping 94% (715,804 users) giving it a thumbs down.

The poll has seen over 58,000 comment posts about the redesign with most negative.

"If we wanted to use twitter, we'd go to twitter. The new layout seems to have been implemented with no design consideration at all", says James.

Karen says, "Even worse than the last change, which was worse than the last change, which was worse than the last change... leave us be!!"

While Anne adds: "Hate it. Confusing. Limited. Nasty. Trying to be Twitter. And it isn't!"