Facebook has announced a major change to its privacy controls that could make profiles less - not more - private.

Apparently as a result of "many" users who "want to open parts of (their) profile to a wider audience", the social networking site is letting users remove all privacy controls and "open" up their profile.

Although options are still available for those that just want selected "friends" to see their profiles, in Facebook's words: "Starting today, you can choose to make your profile and any of your content available to everyone on Facebook".

In a blog post, the company explains: "By changing your Profile setting to 'Everyone', anyone who finds you through a search on Facebook or sees a post or comment you make can now click on your content and view the elements of your profile you've opted to make open".

This option won't be available to minors, but anyone else can now chose to share their profile, status updates, links, wall posts, basic info, personal info, education info, work info, photos and video with the world.