Facebook has announced more changes to the site that include new profiles for celebs and organisations and a redesign for a user's homepage.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg says the changes are designed to improve user's ability to "share and connect".

"This year, we are going to continue making the flow of information even faster and more customized to those you want to connect and communicate with, no matter how broadly or privately", states Zuckerberg in a blog post.

The new profiles for public figures and organisations are to change from the previous Facebook "Pages", to look and function more like user profiles.

These profile holders will be able to share status updates, videos, photos or anything else they want, in the same way average users can already.

As far as the homepage changes go, Zuckerberg says: "The new home page will let you see everything that's shared by your friends and connections as it happens".

The homepage changes will be rolled out over the next week, while Zuckerberg promises more "exciting move(s)" coming soon.