New research shows that one in four Brits are, or have, dated someone they met through social networking sites.

The data, from internet market research company, also reveals that over a third have got back in touch with an old flame through such sites and one in ten have had an affair with such a person.

A spokesperson for is quoted in the Telegraph saying: "Traditionally the pub used to be a central meeting place where many couples met across the bar and got to know each other".

"Now social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace have taken over as the dating hot spot with many singletons finding love online".

"The websites also seem to be a breeding ground for rekindling old romances and the results also show that many affairs begin by tracing ex-lovers too".

The poll, that quizzed 3000 Brits, showed that 46% think it's easier to meet someone through social networking sites than in real life.