A cheeky status update on Facebook could lead to a 21-year call centre employee losing his job.

Kyle Doyle, who works for AAPT, Australia's third largest telecoms operator, pulled a sickie after a heavy night, and put his Facebook status as: "Kyle Doyle is not going to work ... I'm still trashed. SICKIE WOO!"

However, unfortunately for him, his boss saw it.

Doyle then got an email requesting that he get a doctor's note to prove that he was, in fact, ill but did not mention at this stage that he had seen the Facebook profile page.

The boss simply said that Doyle's line manager was under the impression that the day off was not for medical reasons.

"My leave was due to medical reasons, so you cannot deny leave based on a line manager's discretion, with no proof, please process leave as requested," the cheeky Doyle replied.

But then was told by his manager that he had indeed seen Doyle's Facebook status and he wouldn't be granted a paid day-off.

Doyle's response: "HAHAHA LMAO epic fail. No worries man."

Unfortunately for Doyle, the emails between himself and his manager started ro circulate around the company, and he is now facing an internal investigation.