Facebook's redesign - its biggest in the recent history of the social networking site - is to roll-out over the next few days.

Users who want to see what the new pages will look like can visit www.new.facebook.com in the meantime for a sneak preview of how their pages will soon look.

As well as making profiles more "dynamic" with newest info more prominent, a new tabbed interface will go live, separating what is currently all displayed on a user's profile page.

The company is also cracking down on applications that violate privacy or user-control guidelines.

In addition to aesthetic changes, the company is also making a push to stop application violating privacy or user-control guidelines and will again be highlighting privacy options.

With no exact timescale provided as to when the new look swtichover will happen, it's said access to the new design will be limited at first and gradually be available to Facebook's 80 million users over the coming days.