While most kids his age were panicking about their highschool exams, a 16-year-old from New York State got onto Facebook and managed to organise a peace rally, which an astounding 6000 people turned up to.

Trevor Dougherty harnessed the power of Facebook to get people to gather and they then formed a massive peace sign on the ground, which not only hit the headlines in the press, but also could go down in the Guinness Book of Records.

Dougherty had already been getting attention in cyber space for his quirky vids on YouTube calling for world peace - one of which was nominated for the "Most Inspirational" category in the YouTube Video Awards 2007.

It encouraged 200 people to make their own short movies in response.

Trevor told the Beeb: "I knew it was the best video I had ever made, but it was incredible to see it featured. It's funny because I made the original video during my exams last year and I organised this event during my finals this year. It's beautiful to be distracted from my ghastly final exams, by doing something righteous".

Dougherty then decided to try and get people together and came up with the idea of the giant peace sign.

He sent out messages using, again, Facebook and YouTube and the numbers on the day were testament to the power of the world wide web.

He explains: "The official count is 5,814 persons. We did a reverse count by handing out beans and seeing how many we had left. We painted a huge peace sign on the ground as an outline. I was given a wireless microphone and I was in charge!"

"Everyone was extremely cooperative, they were all very excited about about the idea of setting a record. They also understood the message. I think they agreed that, while we were not confiscating any weapons or ending any wars, we were forming a community of persons dedicated to one powerful cause."

"Many people volunteered to film, photograph and fly over the event and now the message is travelling around the world to places like Pakistan, India and Korea. We're sending all the evidence to Guinness to see if we broke the record."

"Video production has always been a hobby of mine. I think it's the most powerful way to reach people online. We are the YouTube generation and it's a great way to get the word out."