A new version of the mobile phone GPS application Wayfinder Navigator has been released with the claim that it has an improved and simplified user interface and new features like support for pre-loaded maps, fully vectorised maps on all mobile platforms, social network integration and extended map coverage with over 150 countries worldwide.

The new Wayfinder Navigator offers "Power Search" where one search gives results from numerous selected local services including new Yellow and White Pages content and points of interest databases.

Social network integration is now a feature that lets you set and share your location with your Facebook friends or you can use Wayfinder Navigator together with Google Earth to share your whereabouts.

As well as the straight forward navigation applications, location services like Premium Weather, Cityguides, Traffic information and Safety cameras are available as add-ons.

Wayfinder Navigator is available for free on a five day trial direct from the Wayfinder website or from selected partners, it costs from 49 euros (£38-ish), depending on region.