Blurb has launched Blurb "GroupBook", an application for Facebook that lets users make real books collectively.

The Facebook community can now easily make Blurb books that "capture and reinforce their shared experiences and passions, and help bridge their online and offline communities."

"More than any other social community, Facebook users share real-world connections in addition their online networks", said Eileen Gittins, Blurb's founder and CEO.

"These people travel together, they go to concerts together, and they go to parties and events together. Blurb helps them to bridge their online and offline worlds, so all the things they do together can be celebrated and shared via books."

Facebookers interested in creating personalised photo books have to install Blurb GroupBook from the Facebook Applications Directory then initiate a GroupBook project.

Then, they can use the Facebook platform to invite friends to contribute photos to the project. Once friends accept the invitation, they can easily upload photos, view other contributed photos, and make comments.

When all the content has been gathered, the project's administrator can design the book in Blurb's in-house programme.

When a book is finished, Blurb also provides "book badges" that link a Facebook profile to a Blurb book in the company's online bookstore so people can hit the link to buy it.

Prices start from £6.95 for a 7 x 7 inch 40 page softcover book.