Paramount Pictures has just become the first major studio to make clips from thousands of its movies available for use on the Internet.

The studio has teamed up with LA-based developer FanRocket to launch the "VooZoo" application on Facebook which lets users access footage from thousands of movies to send to others on the social networking site.

"The short clips for a movie that you've already seen before helps you relive the moment", Paramount senior VP entertainment Derek Broes said.

The clips last from a few seconds to several minutes and are angled as a funny way to get a message across to mates, i.e., someone owes you a tenner? Send them the an excerpt of the "show me the money" scene from "Jerry Maguire"...

The studio will market DVDs of the movies through a button that appears after each clip is played and will eventually use the app to virally market new releases.

FanRocket are said to be in talks with other studios to get their clips included in the service, but it could be a while before that happens - it apparently took Paramount staff a year to collect and label the clips available now.