Facebook has refuted claims that it has seen a decline in users in the last couple of months and issued a statement.

A spokesperson for the company told Pocket-lint:

"The number of users for Facebook continues to climb in the UK. Our internal monthly active user numbers rose between December and January in the UK and are now at more than 8.3 million. Facebook tracks active monthly users, rather than registered user or unique visitors. Active users reflect those who have used the site in the past 30 days."

The comments come of the back of an article in The Times.

According to the paper, Facebook had suffered its first monthly drop in visitor numbers since its launch as users supposedly became bored of the social networking site.

The website, which is the most popular social networking site in the UK, had enjoyed a 17 successive month boom the paper reported.

The paper, owned by News Corp who also owns social networking site MySpace claimed Facebook had suffered a 5% dip in visitors - from 8.9 million to 8.5 million between December and Janaury.