Facebook today announced the first step in a to internationalise the site with translation into Spanish. German and French versions of Facebook are expected in the coming weeks.

Nearly 1500 Spanish-speaking users on Facebook chose to be part of the effort and translated the site from English to Spanish in less than 4 weeks.

Current users who want to view Facebook in Spanish can change their language preference from their account settings.

Beginning on Monday, 11 February, any person who goes to www.facebook.com from a Spanish-speaking country will see
the site in Spanish. Facebook currently has more than 2.8 million active users in Latin America and Spain.

"Over 60 percent of Facebook users are now outside of the US, and many live in countries where English is not the primary language", said Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook.

"Our goal has always been to allow people to use Facebook in their native language so we built an application to enable users to participate in translating the site into their local languages and dialects. We really appreciate the contribution from users in translating Facebook."