comScore, the "global internet information provider" has released a report on the growing use of widgets embedded in websites.

During November 2007, nearly 148 million US internet users viewed widgets, representing 81% of the total audience.

And, despite Facebook's fame as a great platform for such applications, it was MySpace's widgets that had the widest audience, reaching more than 57 million internet users. ranked second with 39.2 million viewers. has the sixth widest widget-viewing audience with more than 19 million viewers.

The Facebook widget rankings revealed that more than 20 million Facebook visitors, or 61 percent of the site's US audience used an app in November.

Visitors between the ages of 18-24 were twice as likely as the average Facebook visitor to engage with applications, while those aged 25 and older were less likely.

"Top Friends" by Slide was the top ranked application during the month, with more than 6.2 million engaged viewers (18.5% of the Facebook audience), followed by Movies by Flixster with 5.2 million (15.4%), and SuperPoke! by Slide with 3.6 million (10.8%).