T-Mobile is celebrating the launch of a new tariff with a Facebook application that lets you pick your five best mates and then merge them into one person (terrifying!).

T-Mobile's MyFaves Mate Morpher application is now available online.

You can morph between two and five friends, so can have hours of fun freaking yourself out as to what a mix between you and your partner may look like, or play safe and morph celebrities.

T-Mobile has developed the application to celebrate its new tariff MyFaves, which gives customers unlimited calls, texts and MMS to their five selected "MyFaves", regardless of network.

MyFaves has a selection of call packages to choose from: MyFaves 25, 35 and 40.

Alongside the unlimited contact with your top five, MyFaves 25 offers an allowance of 25 minutes and 50 texts, MyFaves 35 offers 100 minutes and 200 texts and MyFaves 45 offers 200 minutes and 400 texts.