Media firms are turning to the Internet to help the entice voters in this year's Presidential elections in the US.

CNN has announced that it will be working with Microsoft to bring live coverage using the software company's Sliverlight video streaming technology, while Facebook has on Monday launched a US Politics Application with US broadcaster ABC, which will provide a forum for ongoing discussion about the US election due later this year.

During the televised debates from ABC News, Facebook users will be able to participate in Debate Groups to express reactions to the candidates’ performance; post their thoughts on a live Soundboard; view behind-the-scenes videos, photos and notes posted by ABC News reporters at the debates; and review the results of Facebook Polls about various aspects of the presidential race.

In an attempt to boost voter interaction the companies say that televised debates will draw on the activity taking place on Facebook during the analysis segments before, between and after the debates.

So far more than 1 million users have added the application and 300,000 have participated in at least one Debate Group according to the social networking site.