News Corp's online social network, MySpace is planning to launch Facebook-style "news feeds" in the next 30 to 45 days, Fox Interactive Media president Peter Levinsohn has said.

Reuters reports that MySpace is hoping to emulate the success of Facebook's news feeds, which keep users informed on what their friends have been up to on the site on one simple page.

"The concept of a news feed is something we are very focused on, and we'll be well down the path in the next 30 to 45 days", Levinsohn told Reuters.

Also of interest to those faced with the horror of their parents signing up to the same social networking site as them, in the future MySpace will allow users to create different profiles, so, one for family, one for friends and another for work.

Levinsohn said this new angle will let you "express yourself in all those different segments" and probably didn't add, and let keep your job and the respect of your parents...