The popular "Where I've Been" Facebook interactive map application is now available to MySpace users.

The "Where I’ve Been" app appears as a world map on a user's Facebook (and now MySpace) profile page. Users highlight the countries he or she has been to, lived in, or wants to go by clicking on them and changing the colour and can then share the maps with friends.

It hit the headlines recently as it was bought by TripAdvisor for a staggering $3 million - the biggest deal ever for a Facebook widget.

Only launched in June 2007, so far the more than 2.6 million Facebookers have added the widget to their profile page and now MySpace's 70 million will be have the option to do the same.

Chief strategic officer Brian Harniman said, "We're encouraged by the fast adoption of our application as it serves a need for community building and travel exploration and is attractive to partners who are targeting the wide universe of travel customers".