Facebook has become the new petition site for disgruntled customers. Following the news that fans have forced Cadbury's to bring back the Wispa, now HSBC is feeling the wrath of the site.

A student campaign has forced the bank into a U-turn over charges.

HSBC is to abandon plans to scrap interest-free overdrafts for students leaving university this summer.

Thousands of students on Facebook had threatened to boycott the bank. The National Union of Students said this made all the difference to the protest.

Meanwhile, following a supposed 60% of company's banning the social networking site in the work place, the TUC has stepped in and said that it believes workers should be given time to use the site in the office.

The union organisation said employers were within their rights to stop staff using the sites during the day, but believed that a total ban would be an "over reaction".

General secretary Brendan Barber told the Sun newspaper: "Simply cracking down on use of new web tools like Facebook is not a sensible solution to a problem, which is only going to get bigger".

"It's unreasonable for employers to try to stop their staff from having a life outside work, just because they can't get their heads around the technology."

"Better to invest a little time in working out sensible conduct guidelines, so that there don't need to be any nasty surprises for staff or employers."