Playboy Enterprises, Inc. has announced the official launch of its social networking site, in the States.

The non-nude, free online community exclusively for college students claims to offer members a unique and engaging way to enhance the social side of their college experience and to interact with the Playboy brand.

Playboy Radio will also be launching a companion program to add a multimedia dimension to the company’s social networking efforts.

"Playboy U’s mix of journalism, entertainment and cross-campus dialogue is distinct within social networking", said Scott Stephen, EVP of Operations, Playboy Entertainment Group.

"We like to think of Playboy U as a 'campus social advisor' helping students make the most of their college experience. It’s a completely different experience from what other social networks in the market have to offer."

Playboy U is open to college students 18 years of age and older with a valid .edu address. The community encourages user-generated content and dialogue about relationships, student life, social responsibility, and pop culture, and the site will showcase members’ writing, photography, and videos.

Playboy U also features school pages moderated by an official Playboy U student rep where members can show off their school pride and exchange news, event information, and messages.

Additionally, the site offers uniquely Playboy content such as party photos, videos, contributions from Playboy personalities, and online and real world events.