The CIA is working on a social networking site so its spies can swap spycraft tips and enjoy some of that online/social fun that us civvies so love.

To work along the lines of Facebook or MySpace, the site, called "A-Space" and sadly not


, (although we think they've really missed a trick there) will work on a voluntary sign up basis.

Any employee of the US's 16 security agencies will be allowed to sign up and virtually network with their colleagues and counterparts.

Apparently an email alert will go out to all sign-ups letting them know about current issues and news ("Q's developed some new exploding sandwiches - quick").

The CIA is apparently hoping that the site will help relationships between the agencies, and stop veils of secrecy from hindering work.

The CIA is no stranger to online activity - recent news from WikiSkanner showed that the agencies made 300 edits to the online encyclopedia changing details about China's nuclear arsenal, the Agentine navy and Iran's president.