TripAdvisor has acquired the Where I've Been Facebook app today for a staggering $3m - the biggest deal yet for a Facebook widget.

The application lets Facebook users add a map to their profile page and then mark on it which countries they have visited.

So far the more than 2.3 million Facebookers of the possible 55 million have added the widget to their profile page.

The news will no doubt act as a massive incentive to other programmers hoping to make money from their work by developing widgets for the social networking site.

No official confirmation as been cited by either programmer Craig Ulliot or TripAdvisor.

The travel app has become one of the most popular widgets on the site with over a million more users than Cities I've Visited, another app owned by TripAdvisor. recently acquired Favourite Peeps, a Facebook app with 1.3m users, for $60,000, which makes the reported price for Where I've Been look very expensive.