News that may surprise many considering Facebook's apparent dominance and MySpace's longevity, but Bebo beats all other social networking sites to get the UK's current No. 1 slot.

ComScore figures for July show that Bebo got 10.7 million unique users in the UK just beating MySpace's 10.1 million and Facebook's 7.6 million.

With a more European audience, gets around 63% of its visitors from the region. In comparison, MySpace and Facebook get around two-thirds of their users from the States.

Bob Ivins, executive vice-president of international markets at ComScore, comments on Bebo's success:

"Those doing well in certain regions are likely doing an effective job of communicating appropriately with those regions' specific populations."

MySpace is still the world's most popular social networking site recording over 114 million visitors during June.

Facebook is the fastest growing with a 270% year-on-year increase.