The New York Times is reporting that Facebook is being hit with scrutiny over possible sex predators using the social-networking service.

With echoes of the previous MySpace scandal which saw multiple court cases and the eventual removal of over 29,000 convicted sex offenders, concerned eyes have turned to Facebook.

Connecticut’s attorney general has announced that investigators in his state were looking into "three or more" cases of convicted sex offenders registered on Facebook and had discovered "inappropriate images and content" on the site.

Facebook’s chief privacy officer, Chris Kelly, said that Facebook had received "a number" of such reports and usually removes suspect profiles within 72 hours.

Facebook bans nudity on the site and Kelly said of user groups that encourage pornography and sexual activity: "Those people aren’t welcome on our service, and they never have been."

Facebook boasts more privacy measures than rival MySpace. Under-18s profile's are not viewable by anyone over 18 unless the minor has added them as a friend.