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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook has launched Collab, a music-making app it first started testing in beta on an invite-only basis last May.

Collab allows you to create short-form music videos by combining up to three videos. Each video could be of an artist playing a different part, for instance, and then Collab would let you put all the different parts into one video, which can then be shared to a public feed for other people to view and re-mix.

You could even record one part and combine two other parts you find in the Collab feed that other people posted. Or, you could mix together three clips from strangers and not make anything yourself. Every user will be credited for their contributions, and everything is easily synced with Collab's built-in tools.

Here's how the app basically works:

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  1. Open Collab.
    • You'll immediately see a feed of "collabs".
    • Collabs are three videos stacked on top of one another that play in unison.
    • Each collab is a maximum of 15 seconds and plays on a loop.
  2. You can swipe on each row of a collab to swap in a new video.
    • As you swipe, the videos play in sync.
    • You can contribute your own recordings to any collab.
    • Once you’ve swiped or recorded a collab, publish it to the feed.
  3. Or, create an entirely new collab from scratch of any song you want.
  4. Publish to the Collab feed when done and the community may add their takes.
    • Everything you post on Collab is available for others to use.
  5. Add creators to your favorites, so you can join in any time they post.

The app isn’t integrated with Facebook, but you can share collabs to your Instagram story and TikTok. If any of this interests you, Collab is now available for iPhone users. It is a free download on the Apple App Store.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.