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(Pocket-lint) - The UK government has announced plans for a new tech regulator that will enforce new rules for the likes of Facebook and Google, in order to limit their dominance and allow other, smaller companies to grow.

The Digital Markets Unit will be formed as part of the Competition and Markets Authority and be tasked with writing a new code of practice for technology companies to adhere to if it wants to trade in the country. However, it will not apply to all tech firms, just those that have "strategic market status", according to The Guardian.

It is not yet clear what that means exactly and which companies fall under the remit, but business secretary, Alok Sharma, referenced both Facebook and Google in his comments: "Digital platforms like Google and Facebook make a significant contribution to our economy and play a massive role in our day-to-day lives - whether it’s helping us stay in touch with our loved ones, share creative content or access the latest news," he said, according to The Guardian.

"But the dominance of just a few big tech companies is leading to less innovation, higher advertising prices and less choice and control for consumers. Our new, pro-competition regime for digital markets will ensure consumers have choice, and mean smaller firms aren’t pushed out."

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Consumers are unlikely to see overt benefits of any limitations imposed on "Big Tech" - at least initially. However, it could enable smaller developers and enterprises to form better collaborations with their larger counterparts.

Writing by Rik Henderson.