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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook is testing a new design for pages. Most notably, it's removing the like button and count from pages. Here's everything you need to know.

Facebook/TechCrunchFacebook update photo 1

What's happening with Facebook pages?

Facebook reportedly wants to offer a cleaner look for pages, TechCrunch has suggested. It recently tested a new design with a "small percentage of public figures" who use the Facebook mobile app. Now, Facebook wants to roll out the design to a "broader group", including pages belonging to actors, authors, creators, bands, and even books. The new design not only does away with likes but even the like button.

Instead, pages only display a follow button and a follower count. Apparently, the follower count indicates how many people are actually receiving the page’s updates in their news feed, whereas, with likes, many people may have liked pages in the past, but now, they may no longer follow them.

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How to try the new Facebook pages experience

If your page is included in Facebook's current test, you will see an option to opt in to try the new design. Only mobile users of the Facebook app will receive the ability to opt-in at this stage. Once you accept the invite, your page will drop the likes. But it will also gain a host of other features, including a simpler way to navigate to the Insights section and newly added insights including top-performing posts.

TechCrunch claimed pages will receive fewer notifications, too, as Facebook will now group related data - like mentions and post reactions - when sending updates. This test is now ongoing in the Facebook mobile app to those who see the blue-background-with-boxes design (above).

Is this just a test for Facebook pages?

Facebook isn’t confirming whether the update/new design will roll out more broadly. At the moment, it is considered a test.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.