(Pocket-lint) - It was back in 2019 we first reported on Facebook creating a dark mode for its mobile app platform. That background work seems to have accelerated, as now some users have reported experiencing dark mode in their app.

Facebook's dark mode is just in the test stages at the time of writing - a report by The Verge cites a Facebook spokesperson confirming it has been rolled out to a very small percentage of users for the time being.

Facebook has already rolled out dark mode for its desktop app - if you want to activate that, read our how-to guide here - so the next logical step is obvious to do away with the white backgrounds is favour of darker themes, as is fitting of both Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms in their up-to-date guises.

So how can you get dark mode in the Facebook app? Well, for now it's just a waiting game. There seems to be no rhyme or reason that certain users have experienced the beta version at this stage. Presumably it will be to deliver the necessary data back to Facebook across a range of regions and use cases to get it refined for a proper launch.

Exactly when the Facebook mobile app will update in full with dark mode in tact, however, doesn't yet have an official date stamped on it.

Writing by Mike Lowe.