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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook's AI researchers have revealed a new AI open-source chatbot known as "Blender" that's said to be more human. 

The new bot is state-of-the-art and able to offer better conversations that are more engaging and convincing. 

Facebook claims its AI-powered bot is more convincing than other bots available from competitors like Google and Microsoft. It's also built with a variety of conversational skills which apparently includes empathy, knowledge and personality. 

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Blender "feels more human" according to people who have spent time chatting with the bot. That's because Facebook's AI team have incorporated large-scale neural networks to teach Blender how to talk to people. This process included the use of 9.4 billion parameters and 1.5 billion training examples based on public domain conversations. 

Of course, learning from conversations doesn't always work. Microsoft learnt that a few years back when it launched TayTweets on Twitter and it immediately became racist. 

And so Facebook's team has then implemented what's known as "Blended Skill Talk" to allow the bot to make use of personality, knowledge and empathy in its conversations. 

Facebook admits it's not perfect and still might make mistakes but it's still working on ways to improve it in future. 

Find out more about Blender here

Writing by Adrian Willings.