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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook is going to let you edit its in-app nav bar so you can stop being notified about groups and terrible Marketplace deals. 

Much as you might like to know when somebody up the road is trying to flog an ancient baby monitor, Facebook's overbearing notifications can be a pain. You've been able to turn off the notification dots for some time (under Settings > Notifications > Notifications dots) but you can now finally turn off the icons for Videos to watch, Groups and Marketplace completely. 

FacebookFacebook is finally going to let you bin those repetitive Marketplace and group notifications image 2

Obviously Facebook's notifications are designed to keep us within the ecosystem, but we've probably wasted hours tapping on the icons to remove the notification. Groups is a particular bugbear as you don't necessarily want a notification for every post that goes up on a group you're a member of!

Originally found by app changes expert Jane Manchun Wong, the new settings are coming to Android over the coming weeks, but the latest version of the iOS app already has it - go to Settings > Shortcuts > Shortcuts bar. Removing the icons doesn't appear to replace them with anything else, it just removes the icon from the bar.

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The move can be seen as Facebook trying to acquiesce to those users who are frustrated with the overbearing experience of its mobile app - Facebook has been losing some users in certain countries in recent times, even though it's a small number. 

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 12 November 2019.