Facebook is apparently planning on launching a new "news" tab in the coming months in order to deliver news directly from well-known publishers.

This idea was originally floated back in April of this year, but is now seemingly about to become reality.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that several publishers have been approached by Facebook with offers of up to $3 million a year to licence content.

The list of known publishers includes ABC News, Dow Jones, The Washington Post and Bloomberg. These organisations are being offered a hefty sum to allow Facebook to use the publications' headlines and article excerpts in the news tab. 

It is thought that this move will be a significant addition to Facebook. There will soon be a specific news tab within the app dedicated to delivering high-quality trustworthy news straight to users. This addition, of course, comes after the rise of the "fake news" claims in recent years and follows heavy criticism levelled against Facebook for allowing misleading information to flourish on its platform. 

This is also an interesting move from Facebook as the company has previously made changes to its algorithms which resulted in less traffic for publishers and more ad revenue for itself. The report suggests that Facebook will be giving more freedom to publishers and allowing organisations to choose how content is displayed on the news tab. 

Will this move be enough to help rebuild user's trust? There have been plenty of scandals and privacy invasions lately and are people willing to trust what they read on Facebook anymore?