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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature that would completely change the way you view the News Feed and Facebook Stories.

It looks like the social network wants to combine News Feed and Stories into one hybrid carousel you can swipe through to browse. On Twitter, Jane Manchun Wong -- a software engineer who's been continually and reliably leaking upcoming changes to all our favourite apps -- claimed that Facebook is working on such a feature, and she shared a GIF demoing how the carousel works.

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From what we can tell, rather than scroll top to bottom, you's swipe or tap left to right to see the latest news. Currently, Facebook Stories and the News Feed are separate functions in the main Facebook app. You can scroll down to see the News Feed, or you tap one of the bubbles at the top to start sifting through your Stories. In this new design, Stories and News Feed would be merged.

News Feed posts and Stories content would be mixed together, it seems. Naturally, ads would be blended in, as well. Facebook hasn't confirmed when or if it'll roll out this change to all users, but if it does, it's be a dramatic change. Facebook hasn't had a major overhaul in years.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.