(Pocket-lint) - Facebook announced last year it would launch an "unsend" feature for all Facebook Messenger users. Now, that feature has finally launched.

In early 2018, Facebook revealed the company had secretly deleted old messages sent on Messenger from founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It was an odd revelation, considering that, when most users delete messages from their own inbox, those messages will still be available in the recipient’s inbox. After some backlash, Facebook said the "unsend" feature would launch soon for all.

Flash forward a year later, and Facebook has quietly rolled out the feature. It lets you delete messages from a conversation after you’ve sent them. This so-called unsend feature looks identical to the version that leaked last autumn. The idea is that, if you ever send the wrong message to someone, make a typo, or drunkenly send something you regret, you’ll be able to remove it in Messenger now.

How to unsend a Facebook message

  1. Tap on the message you want to delete within 10 minutes of sending it.
  2. Select one of the two options that appear: Remove for Everyone and Remove for You.

If you selecting Remove for Everyone, Facebook Messenger will replace your message with a notice that says the message was removed by you.

If you want to remove a message just for yourself, select “Remove for You” (others will still see your message with this option).

Who can use Facebook's unsend feature?

Facebook said its unsend feature will be available from 5 February 2018 on the latest version of the Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.