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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook is going after Musical.ly and Dubsmash.

The social network is no stranger to replicating popular apps and features. For instance, the Stories feature in both Facebook and Instagram is lifted straight from Snapchat. Now, Facebook has announced another thing it has copied. It's revealing new ways music can be used on the platform. You will now be able to include music within videos and choose from different songs via a feature called Lip Sync Live.

As of 9 March, Facebook had inked music licensing deals with all three major labels, and as a result, it is testing the ability to let people include music from these labels in personal videos. It plans to expand this functionality worldwide, though there is no firm timetable yet. Alongside this news, Facebook has introduced a new feature called Lip Sync Live, which reminds us a lot of Musical.ly or Dubsmash.

Facebook is testing Lip Sync Live in a few markets right now. It offers hundreds of popular songs, such as “God’s Plan” by Drake, and it essentially allows you to record karaoke-style videos that can be shared. The feature also has a “With” option, so friends can be brought into the video. You can also add camera effects with different backgrounds and other creative add-ons to customise videos.

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Lip Sync Live is now rolling out. It will appear as an option when starting a Live video. Once you select it, you can pick a song from the list, and add a description and apply other personal touches. When broadcasting, friends will see what song you’re lip-syncing to and can follow the artist.

Facebook said more music integration are coming and it's also considering adding music to Facebook Stories.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 6 June 2018.