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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook doesn't like the idea of a dislike button, and yet, we may get it soon in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook introduced reaction buttons a year ago for statuses and photos and videos, but at the time, it didn't include a dislike button. Now, however, Facebook is testing a thumbs-down reaction - only, it's not for posts that show up in news feed. Instead, it'd be a feature for Facebook Messenger, according to TechCrunch, which said the company wants to add reaction emojis next to text in conversations.

To send a reaction, you'd click on a button next to text in your conversation. You'd then see a series of reactions similar to the current six available for posts. There's even a thumbs down option, as well as a reaction counter, which would count the number of reactions on a line of text. Facebook has already confirmed it is testing all this on a small scale to see if it lets people better represent their feelings in a message.

The most interesting part about the feature is that Facebook is considering a thumbs-down reaction. It originally chose to avoid creating one in order to avoid negativity on Facebook. TechCrunch suggested Facebook is considering this version of the thumbs-down as “more a ‘no’ button”. So, if someone in a group chat asks if everyone wants to meet up at 10 pm, you can send that in place of a "no".

The feature isn't available yet for all users, but the company typically performs tests on small groups of users before a wider rollout.

Writing by Elyse Betters.