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(Pocket-lint) - One of the coolest features in Snapchat are those mask thingies.

With Snapchat's camera view pointing toward your face, you can long-press on the screen to let the app recognise your facial features and serve up a bunch of mask-like filters that perfectly overlay on top of your face. These masks are actually called "lenses", and popular examples include heart eyes, puking rainbows, a zombie vampire monster, and an aging filter. They make Snapchat both addicting and dynamic.

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Well, Facebook has plans to make its live video platform just as unique. It'll soon support the ability to go live on Facebook directly from the MSQRD app, allowing broadcasters to use Snapchat-like lenses, filters, and even a face-swapping technology while they're live. Keep in mind Facebook bought Masquerade, the Belarusian startup behind MSQRD, in March, and Snapchat acquired a similar startup, Looksery, last year.

Fidji Simo, Facebook’s director of product, announced this new MSQRD integration while at the VidCon annual online video conference in Anaheim, California, according to The Verge and Venture Beat. The social network also revealed at VidCon that starting this summer you'll be able to invite a friend to join a live broadcast, opening up new possibilities such as interviews, debates, duets, collaborations, and more.

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Facebook Live will also add the ability to schedule a live broadcast. It's even building a lobby for people to wait in before a broadcast starts. Both features will have a limited launch this summer and won't be widely available until sometime after.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 24 June 2016.