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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook Messenger is evolving into a new type of messenger that's not just for chatting with friends.

Facebook's messaging service can double as a customer service center, digital wallet, cab-hailer, and more. With these types functionality being offered through the Messenger mobile app, it makes since that Facebook would want to make it even easier for users to find and begin chatting with anyone and everyone. It wants Messenger to be a one-stop-shop communication tool for both people and companies.

So, it's rolling out new ways to initiate chats. Starting now, all Messenger accounts have dedicated links located at m.me/[username]. Every Facebook account has its own dedicated link, and now Messenger accounts do too. If you type in a friend's username after m.me/, it'll open up a chat with them on the Facebook Messenger website. Usernames on Messenger are the same as Facebook usernames.

Facebook is also rolling out "Messenger Codes". They're a lot like Snapchat's snapcodes in that you can scan one with your camera to, from what we can tell, either add that person as a contact or start a chat. These codes appear as dots and dashes circling a profile photo, and the button to scan them seems to be buried under the People tab within the Messenger app. Go there, then tap Scan Code, and that's it.

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Keep in mind Facebook announced yesterday that Newegg will begin offering customer support through Facebook Messenger. It also recently added the ability to order Lyft and Uber rides, get flight updates and boarding passes from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and share Spotify playlists. There are over 50 apps integrated with Messenger, meaning the service is rapidly expanding beyond a simple communication client.

Facebook said Messenger Codes are rolling out gradually. Alongside these announcements, David Marcus, a leader at Messenger, said the service now has 900 million monthly active users. It had 800 million just three months ago.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 7 April 2016.