"Happy Birthday!"

It's such a generic thing to say, especially on Facebook. And sometimes the chore of trying to come up with something original is just too much to handle. "HBD." Nah. "H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !" Trying too hard. The pressure is intense, right? Well, Facebook came up with a solution that'll not only spice up your b-day posts but also make things fun for everyone to experience.

The company is releasing a “Happy Birthday Cam" feature. It'll be visible atop your friends’ profiles when you visit them on their birthdays. This feature allows you to record up to 15 seconds of video, then overlay that with various birthday-themed graphics and frames, and once you're done customising how it will look and sound, you can share it to your friend's wall.

TechCrunchfacebook birthday cam lets you say happy birthday to friends via video image 2

So, with this feature, you can take your "Happy Birthday" game to the next level. Birthday Cam is launching today for Facebook for iOS. BuzzFeed said an update will also arrive for the Android app sometime "in the next few months".

We're excited about it, but we can also see how it totally ups the ante, which you might find either good or bad. Either way, one of the most monotonous aspects about Facebook culture just got a whole new life-line.

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