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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook has just posted its earning results for the quarter and the year, and the standout bits are that it smashed financial records and has on average 1.04 billion daily active users - most of which log on from mobile devices.

Facebook said it earned $3.69 billion on $17.93 billion in revenue in 2015, which is up 44 per cent year over year. During the fourth-quarter, which lasted 90 days and ended on 31 December, Facebook reported profits of 79 cents per share on $5.8 billion in revenue, a boost in sales of about 52 per cent from the same period last year, hitting above analyst estimates of 68 cents per share on revenue of $5.37 billion for Q4.

Now, let's move on to user numbers: The amount of people using Facebook every day is up 17 per cent from the previous year. And Facebook said the amount of people accessing its site from a phone or tablet climbed 25 per cent, with 934 million daily active users. That's like 90 percent of its total daily user base. It also reported 1.59 billion monthly users, up 14 per cent over last year.

Facebook’s user growth seems to be slowing, but despite that, it is continuing to make money off its users. Facebook is doing well in the advert department, for instance, especially when it comes to targeted display ads and ads that want you to install other apps. In its most recent quarter, Facebook earned $13.54 for every user. That's a $9 hike year over year.

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Facebook also shared news on its other properties. There are over 900 million monthly active users on the Whatsapp messaging app, for instance, as well as 800 million monthly active users on Facebook;s Messenger app and 400 million monthly active users on Instagram.  

In a statement, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, said 2015 was a great year for his company: "Our community continued to grow and our business is thriving. We continue to invest in better serving our community, building our business, and connecting the world."

Facebook’s stock rose 7.5 per cent in after-hours trading as a result of the earnings numbers. Tune into the company's conference call at 2pm PST to hear more about sales numbers, but don't expect to hear anything about Oculus sales or Instagram advert revenue.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 27 January 2016.