First, it was rainbows. Then, it was French flags. Now, it is... lightsabers?

Star Wars is everywhere at the moment, because we all know it's a marketing heavyweight. But it's not just plastered on every major food product down the grocery isle or sneaking across your TV in the form of classic adverts. Nope. It's also going social. Facebook, for instance, now lets you overlay a lightsaber onto your profile picture in celebration of The Force Awakens' premiere this week.

Pocket-lintget ready for the lightsaber to invade your facebook stream image 2

You can choose between Kylo Ren’s red lightsaber or Luke's blue. Facebook's tool of course also lets you pick your profile photo, zoom in or out, reposition the lightsaber, and set a time for how long you want it to appear (such as a day, week, etc). Although the Star Wars Facebook page has begun alerting users about the feature, it's not clear if this is an official advertising campaign or Facebook's initiative. 

Go here to change your photo (make sure to hit the Try It button). If you don't see the button, then look for this post (below) on the Star Wars Facebook page, and hit the Try It button from there.

Facebookget ready for the lightsaber to invade your facebook stream image 3

Keep in mind the rainbow tool and French flag tool were about causes, while this Star Wars tool seems to be a promo intended to hype up the next Star Wars. Then again, the social network has been letting users put sports logos over their pictures for a while too. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens officially opens 18 December, though early showings will start the night before. 

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