It's been rumoured Facebook is working on a Siri r Google Now or Cortana-like product, and now the company has confirmed the speculation by announcing it's testing a personal digital assistant inside Messenger.

The Information first claimed that Facebook wanted to launch an assistant called Moneypenny within its Messenger app. Facebook has apparently ditched the James Bond-inspired moniker though, as it is calling the new service M.

The point of M is to complete tasks and find information for you. Like, it can purchase items on your behalf, make reservations and appointments and travel arrangements for you, get goods delivered to your loved ones - and it's all powered by artificial intelligence that's "trained and supervised by people."

According to the screenshots provided by Facebook, you'll be able to ask M for recommendations on where to eat in a city, and then M can make that reservation. You can also ask M to order flowers for your mom's birthday or find a gift for a friend. These interactions should seem natural and fluid.

Facebook didn't provide a release date, and details are otherwise scant, but it stressed this is "early in the journey to build M into an at-scale service".