It might be a bit of a morbid subject but thinking about your digital legacy after you die is something people are starting to do.

Specifically Facebook has released its latest updates to allow for account management in the event of a user's death.

The idea is that anyone can set an executor who will have limited access to their account. This will allow them to tie up the account and leave it there as a memorial of the person's life.

So how do you setup your account ready for that inevitable day? And what will happen when it's set to go?

How will the executor access work?

By choosing a person to have access to your Facebook account after death, you're not leaving your deepest secrets to them. Access is limited.

The chosen executor will only be able to change the profile and cover pictures, write one last post and approve any new friend requests. They won't have access to private messages.

There is also an option for the executor to be able to download an archive of photos, posts and profile information shared on Facebook.

Of course there is also the ability to set the account to simply delete completely following death.

How to appoint a Facebook executor

To nominate an executor the person chosen must be on Facebook.

Simply go into Settings then into Security. From here there is a section called Legacy Contact. Click the edit option at the end of the line then type in the name of the person you want, then select add.

This will automatically offer a message to send that person but you can forgo that stage if you prefer by clicking Not Now, leaving them in charge secretly.

If you opt to give the download archive option there is a check box that can be clicked here. There is also a check box for account deletion below that. Then simply select close and you're all done.

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