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(Pocket-lint) - This year in support of Pride, Facebook offered a filter to add rainbow colours to anyone's profile picture.

But with Pride almost a week ago, people are starting to question if it's ok to change profile picture again. Nobody wants to go first, nobody wants to be that guy or gal.

This year's Pride coincided with America's decision to make same sex marriage legal, giving it more weight and making it much more of an event. The pressure appears to be too much, leaving some in a quandry.

So what are the questions that are being asked about the change back?

The Questions

"Isn't Facebook studying my every move?"

Yes indeed. Well, Facebook made the tool and you clicked on it, it knows what's happening on your profile. Facebook has been previously outed as tracking user behaviour, but in this instance the social network is saying that the rainbow profile picture is just a nice way to show support for the LGBTQ community. 

Facebook says that over 26 million people changed their profile. Now, feeling watched, many may not be comfortable switching profile pic back again, as that might suggest you're withdrawing your support. But do you really care what Facebook thinks though?

"All this worrying is a bit silly, isn't it?"

Well, yes. If you've supported the cause, good for you. Why worry about moving on to the next thing? Your rainbow profile pic may have helped in a small way, but don't expect Harvey Milk to glare down at you from the afterlife when you change it back. It's not that big a deal.

Changing your picture isn't a change of opinion, just as putting up a selfie with your new bestie isn't a way of showing that back-stabbing ex that you've moved on. No wait, what?

"What's a reasonable time to use the ribbons for?"

Do it for the rest of your life if you want. If you're busy worrying about what other people think you'll never find the right time for anything. If you feel the rainbow has shown enough people where you stand and it's no longer helping, then change. If you think leaving it can still help support gay rights further, keep it. 

If you're only concerned about other people's perception of you, did you do it for the right reasons in the first place?

"I could wait until Facebook removes the ribbon option, right?"

If you've got that kind of patience, be our guest. We doubt Facebook is the type to remove a new option that's done really well. So don't hold your breath. In fact Facebook might be worried about taking that option away after all this attention and speculation.

Surely Zuck and chums wouldn't want to be seen as withdrawing the option of supporting LGBTQ issues, would they? Or maybe Facebook doesn't feel the same social pressures as the people who fill its pages.

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"Am I a bigot if I remove the rainbow?"

If you think like that, the question could well be: "am I trying to convince people I'm not a bigot?" Well, are ya, punk?

People support all sorts of causes, movements, charities through Facebook photos. Are you showing enduring support for LGBTQ issues, or are you celebrating Pride?

You're not still wearing that Christmas hat in your picture because you love the season of goodwill. You didn't worry about swapping that picture of you wearing your charity run t-shirt for that picture of you climbing a mountain looking like a legend.

Come on people, the whole point is that you're not going to be judged. We want to live in a world where you can change your Facebook profile picture - or not - without fear of prejudice. So yes, feel free to go for duck face, hot dog legs or your old school photo whenever you want.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 1 July 2015.