You can now access Facebook Messenger on the web - on a site that's different from

Facebook has launched a new version of Messenger that complements the service's standalone apps. Facebook hasn't ditched the old, familiar way of chatting with friends while browsing from a desktop, but it is giving you a way to focus on those conversations without your news feed or other Facebook features getting in the way.

The new desktop site, which is available at, looks like what you'd normally see if you click on the Messenger icon from and then go to See All rather than click on a specific message. It's just a pared-down version of that interface, with the usual options for calling, video calling, and starting group chats.

You won't see the blue bar or even adverts. This is barebones stuff, folks.

Pocket-lintfacebook messenger now has a desktop site separate from facebook image 2

But again, the idea is that you will use this new Messenger website when you want to talk with people without having to surf through their status updates and Instagram photos and all of that social stuff.